We all know about how unreal things can get on the internet - how easy it is for some to pretend to be something they're not.

I was making all kinds of claims on zappa.com about the kinds of tunes I liked to play on the guitar and the kind of music I was able to compose and it occured to me I may not be being taken seriously. So, I whipped out a few tunes using a laptop camera and posted them on YouTube. Those were not professional, studio quality productions, but I think they speak for themselves. The music that I've been producing and posting on YouTube during the last four years has been getting progressively better sound wise as I've been learning the ropes in my studio.

The videos are grouped into six sections and a separate topic for my covers of Frank Zappa's music is in the FZ section of this site, also linked from this section on page 2.


I've been playing guitar for most of my life.


I messed around with a piano for a few months when I was twenty one. I started playing it again for short periods of time here and there from 1993 and then got a bit more serious after 2010, but I've been playing regularly since April 2018.



I had an alto sax for a few months when I was twenty, but I had to sell it and didn't get another until I was fifty three, weeks after I got it, bad health intervened. I started playing it again regularly in April 2018 and got myself a bari sax as well.


I started playing drums in April 2018.


As covered in my bio, in my early twenties, starting to write songs was a very important step in my progress. I write a lot mof instrumental music, but songwriting has continued to be a significant aspect of my work.


This is my current central aim, to produce an album of music performed by an ensemble of guitars, keyboards, saxes, voices and drums, and including the use of synthesised instruments made from my own sound samples and sections of music concrète.

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