The present day composer refuses to wait. My name is Geoff Pointer and I'm a composer and by hook or by crook I'm going to get my music out there.

Basic Structure Of This Web Site

This site is the home base for my musical pursuits. There are currently two main sections. One is focussed on my own musical compositions: follow the Geoff Pointer link, and the other relates to my interest in the music of Frank Zappa: follow the Frank Zappa link. The About, Structure and Bio sections all have the same header as the Home page.

Since the start of April 2018, I've been doing this full time and will continue to do so until I drop.


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Two Key Sections


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Latest News

Last time I said I was still busy with "foundation building", in particular focussing on getting my four instruments to a level that facilitated the recording of parts. Getting a band together might be difficult, even after I move to the UK in 2025, but I'm hoping to at least be able to work towards some skill sharing arrangements with like minded musicians with similar aims to mine. I have continued to work on my production skills, but spending less time on producing demos and more on instrument practice and working towards my first original album.

But, then I reached a point recently, where I realised my first original album was becoming an unrelenting behemoth, and yet, a perfect organising principle was right under my nose. So now, the track list is finalised and I'm working to polish the majority of tracks, which are virtually complete, and practicing and recording the remaining parts of the final four tracks, whose arrangements are almost complete, one which is a complete rewrite and three that were brought in from elsewhere, while several others were removed, to complete a coherent and manageable album concept. I am seriously excited, but also terrified and keeping an eye out for that metaphorical bus.

I will try and put something new up on YouTube soonish, that reflects my progress, but I can't promise anything in the short term, because the majority of my focus is now on finishing this album. End of June this year is the date I'm working towards for its release.

Steady As She Goes

I started doing this on my own out of necessity, but have found that learning to play drums, sax, piano and guitar together is very symbiotic. In terms of how the brain works, they've got a lot more in common than meets the eye, plus they feed back very richly into my composition process. None the less, I'm still very focussed on the idea of eventually getting a band together when I'm ready and playing live gigs. My plan for an album of Frank Zappa covers, which I have been working towards alongside my first original album, is currently on hold until my first album is completed, but not totally, I can't stop myself from getting ideas and I recently completed a piano arrangement of Blessed Relief, which I practice alongside a piano arrangement of Holiday In Berlin. I get so much pleasure out of playing them that it fires me up for the core slog.


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