The present day composer refuses to wait. My name is Geoff Pointer and I'm a composer and by hook or by crook I'm going to get my music out there.

This site is the home base for my musical pursuits. There are currently two main sections. One about my own compositions and the other relating to my interest in the music of Frank Zappa. Since April 2018, I've been doing this full time and will continue to do so until I drop.


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Latest News

On April 13 I posted a video of my piano arrangement of Squeeze But Don't Sneeze. It's a one take video and actually the first and only take I did that morning, which I've not managed on the piano before, so it marks a watershed in my progress.

My second published Turbulator track has been available since Feb 17 on Spotify!! A cover of Frank Zappa's Magic Fingers on the Would You Like A Snack CD, curated by Andrew Greenaway and published by Cordelia Records.

>>About Magic Attack

Just to give an indication of my progress, I posted a video on YouTube of a demo of my arrangement of Overture To A Holiday In Berlin on Sep 17, 2021. Not long before that I posted a video practising the bari sax section from my composition called Antelope Tweeds. Please also go back and check out the two Turbulator demo videos I posted in March 2021, Look Around and Foreveranda Café, which give an indication of where my first album is headed. These four videos are near the top of the list in my YouTube channel.

Finally a reminder about my first published Turbulator track, No More Mr Nice Girl, which of course is not news any more, but I'm not yet tired of plugging it, and it's also available on Spotify.

>>About Mr Nice Girl's Daughter

Steady As She Goes

I'm still busy with "foundation building" and now have a plan for an album of Frank Zappa covers, which I'm working towards alongside my first original album. I started doing this on my own out of necessity, but have found that learning to play drums, sax, piano and guitar together is very symbiotic. In terms of how the brain works, they've got a lot more in common than meets the eye, plus they feed back very richly into my composition process. None the less, I'm still very focussed on the idea of eventually getting a band together when I'm ready and playing live gigs.


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