Geoff Pointer

My favourite parable is: A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step. Okay, this is not the first step of this particular journey - that was taken a long time ago - but it has led to here and the journey continues.

I am now working full time on my music and this new web site is a kind of manifesto of that change in perspective. It is an upgrade to a more up to date format of my old music subdomain, which was basically just a hobby, that includes that stuff for historical reference, but has the now core purpose of presenting my new musical life. My current music project is called Turbulator, which is hence the title of the new section, which is only just getting started.

So, the main reason for this web site is to introduce you to the process behind the creation of my music.

I also have a YouTube channel and ultimately aim to either publish with an established independent that I can trust or self publish my albums.


Frank Zappa

The reason for the Frank Zappa section is to present transcriptions and analysis of some of his compositions and also my performances of some of his music. It's been very educational for me.

The plight of anyone interested in writing music is having it performed and having people in some way care about it and hopefully making some kind of income. Frank Zappa liked to pretend he didn't care about anyone liking his music, but that's a little like a King not caring about being in charge.

He was very successful and whatever inconveniences he may have suffered, he largely got to do what he liked, mostly because he provided some of what people at large wanted and didn't just focus on pleasing himself. And even with his more serious music - a term that I'm loathe to use, but it's in common parlance - even there, it's easy to tell how much he enjoyed the respect and input of the Ensemble Modern.

I certainly care about such things and this web site is a small step in that direction.