My standpoint begins with a declaration that my main aim for the rest of my life, by hook or by crook, is to get my music out into the world.

I refuse to spend my time playing music I'd rather not play or wasting it completely doing something non musical, while waiting and hoping for that mystical time when I'm "allowed" to start putting forth my own. Outside of music education institutions there are no musical scouts around looking for original composers and I'm not interested in pursuing an adademic career in music, where again there would be too many distractions. Frank Zappa took the risk of doing original music with a band and was lucky to be trying that at a time when there were still agents with budgets that could stumble on such phenomena. He said as much himself.

I've been a big Frank Zappa fan since I was eighteen. Initially it wasn't just his music - I was also buoyed by his world view - in particular, his legendary exhortation to drop out and teach yourself. I say buoyed because I had already been a self taught guitarist since the age of twelve and I was already in the process of dropping out and teaching myself. These days I'm just a fan of his music.

Frank Zappa was too cynical for me. I think humans who need to see most humans as stupid and menial are just using that to justify their own exploitative behaviour. I mean, if humans mostly are just stupid and menial, what's the point? Firstly, if it really is true, I'm not sure what the appeal is of riding a wave on a mass of stupidity and meniality. Secondly - I just don't buy it. Life is more complicated than that. This view rides rough shod over what I believe is the potential for a much more worthy human nature. I wish to promote that view through the platform of whatever music career I can build, however small.


My philosophy? Nobody is doing it on their own. I don't care who you think you are, you're only as good as the people around you. Isaac Newton was aware that he was doing his thing standing on the shoulders of giants. Our current scientific knowledge is the accumulated work of millions of scientists throughout history. No one should be able to, with a clear conscience, climb that mountain and put their little flag on top and claim it as their own.

It's the same thing with everything that the human race has built on this planet. It's a social and historical product. Social in the sense that it's only possible with the full engagement of the vast majority of humans and historical in the sense that every generation builds on the work of all previous generations. There's no denying that some kind of hierarchy is necessary - leadership and organisation - but delusions of grandeur will be our downfall.

What do you call a person who becomes more idealistic as they age but less hopeful that things are going to change? There's no fool like an old fool. None the less, it's better than the alternative, because cynicism breeds its own reward.

Vicious Circle

The poisoned minds,
that find,
the simple joys,
a joke.
Who once, were shown,
the fires to stoke,
and did obey,
for fear,
of being burned.

Geoff Pointer © 1984