The main aim here is for this site to be read as easily as a book but with the added advantages that computer technology brings.

The book idea of course is better suited to my education subdomain, which is structured around articles in various subject areas. Here the structure is more varied, depending on what's being presented and it's less like an academic journal. So, I've had to work a bit harder to get this web site together.

None the less, similar principles do apply. Having worked with my original setup of this new format, I've found that certain things could be done much more efficiently to allow smoother additions of new pages as new material is produced. I've just completed a significant rework and have stopped using menus in the nav bar at the top, because they were growing in length and becoming unwieldy on small devices. I'm now using links on the lead page of each section instead. I'm still using the same old buttons for stepping through multiple paged sections and the end result is very readily usable on various sizes of hand held device.


There are actually two pages per web page. This is because most computer screens are quite wide these days and filling them with text makes for difficult reading, so two pages display side by side. As either the window or the screen narrows, adjustments are made automatically until eventually, the nav bar at the top collapses into a menu button and the two pages line up vertically. It seems there are some bugs in the version of bootstrap package that I'm using, because this menu doesn't display very well when there are a larger number of items in it. My latest rework has obviated this problem.

I'm still using lists of links for things like the tracks of an album and I've designed my own play button, which currently only opens a window to either a YouTube page, if it's one of my videos, or an mpeg player, if it's one of my album tracks.

A more sophisticated system for playing music will come later, when I'm ready.

An example of how the current setup works: Start on the home page and click on Geoff Pointer. This page has four topics, which are linked directly from the body of the main page. Click on the arrows for the YouTube section. This page has seven topics, six of which link to their own sections and the header has a link to go straight back to the Geoff Pointer page. Click on the arrows for one of the linked topics and you'll find a list of related video links in the body of the page. Here, the header has links to go straight back to the YouTube page or all the way back to the Geoff Pointer page.

Meanwhile, at all levels, links to the Frank Zappa section, or right back to the Home page, can be found on the right of the header. This works the other way around when you're in the Frank Zappa section.