Vehicle is a band name I came up with early in 1977, after a prolonged period of music study, when I was starting to hanker after some practical experience.


>>Can't Stop It


I managed to talk a mate Jeff Algra, on Drums and my brother Phil Pointer, on Bass, into joining me on Lead/Rhythm Guitar, starting out as a power trio. The aim was to develop some core material and then try to bring in other musos to expand our sound. We worked cooperatively, but I was basically the leader and wasn't ready to compose in a way that was required for that to really take off so we eventually disbanded.

I made some fairly crude stereo recordings of that band and much later in the early noughties, edited together a couple of tracks as part of a project called Now And When.


Fast forward to 1986 when I was underway with a Science Degree at Adelaide Uni and after saving some money from my job fronting a market stall, I had purchased a Tascam Porta One four track tape recorder. This enabled a significant burst in my compositional development, now that I could record multiple tracks. At one point, Jeff and Phil offered to help me record some live versions of pieces I was working on and Jeff's brother Eric chipped in on rhythm guitar. So this incarnation of Vehicle was a four piece and was recorded on my four track with four microphones.

Later, soon after completing the Now And When project, these tracks became part of a project called If The Glove Fits. That was a combination of mixes of those live tracks, on one of which I added some overdubbed vocals and guitar, and several of the tracks I had put together on my own. The latter were a precursor to the Perfect time idea in the sense that I was using a Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer to play back my composed drum parts and then overdub vocals and multiple guitar tracks, but in this case the only synthesised instrument was the drum machine.

One more time again, as a power trio from late 2009 - early 2010, Jeff, Phil and I got together. We only managed a few sesions, from which I gleaned some basic tracks and built them up with various overdubbage leading to a third Vehicle project called Can't Stop It, which I've posted here already. I'll put up the first two one day.