The purpose of this section is to present my analyses of Frank Zappa's music.

All transcriptions presented here are my own and are not intended for financial gain and anyone who accesses them should respect the rights of the Zappa Family Trust.

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Repeat Signs

A note about repeats is in order as there is often confusion about numbers of repeats in music. I am using the convention that if something is repeated once, it's played twice: the first time plus the repeat. So, if something is repeated three times it's played four times. The repeat sign, which indicates to go back and repeat something, is matched by a forward repeat sign, which indicates to where to go back and from where to repeat.

I label my repeats to be clear about what matches what, but they should basically parallel the function of parentheses in text, including nesting behaviour. Although, nested repeats in music are not written doubly the way double parentheses are used for nested parenthetic comments in text and in text, muliple parentheses are not used to indicate a phrase that's repeated several times.

The default number of repeats is one - unless otherwise indicated, which could be labelled with x 1, but that would be redundant - which means to go back once, after having arrived there the first time around, not x 2, which some interpret as play this section twice, which is incorrect. So x 3 would mean to go back three times, which would mean you'd end up playing it four times.

As an example of how complex this can get, refer to the Duodenum score. The first repeat sign is labelled with A Once Only. This may seem like an example of the above mentioned redundancy, but is necessary because later repeat signs bring one back to repeat the A section more times, but only one at a time, so it must be indicated that this repeat sign only applies the first time it is encountered. The A theme is repeated once at the start, that is, played twice, but on later returns it is only played once. Note also that the first forward repeat is actually triple, one for the first repeat which comes immediately after it is played at the start and the other two for the returns from theme B1 and theme B2.