We all know about how unreal things can get on the internet - how easy it is for some to pretend to be something they're not.

I was making all kinds of claims on zappa.com about the kinds of tunes I liked to play on the guitar and the kind of music I was able to compose and it occured to me I may not be being taken seriously. So, I whipped out a few tunes using a laptop camera and posted them on YouTube. These are not professional studio quality productions, but I think they speak for themselves.

The videos are grouped into six sections and a separate topic for my covers of Frank Zappa's music is in the FZ section of this site.


I've been playing guitar for most of my life.


I messed around with a piano for a few months when I was twenty one. I started playing it again for short periods of time here and there after 1993 and then got a bit more serious after 2010, but I've been playing it almost every day since April 2019.



I had an alto sax for a few months when I was twenty, but I had to sell it and didn't get another until I was fifty three, soon after I got it bad health got in the way. I started playing it again regularly in April 2019 and got myself a bari sax as well.


I started playing drums in April 2019.


As covered in my bio, writing songs was a very important step in my progress.


I've only got one "band" video on YouTube at the moment, a piece called Take It Or Leave It, and I've linked that in the Turbulator section. I'll activate this section when I'm ready to present more band material.

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