Vehicle is a band name I came up with early in 1977, after a prolonged period of music study, when I was starting to hanker after some practical experience.


>>Can't Stop It


I managed to talk a mate Jeff Algra, on Drums and my brother Phil Pointer, on Bass, into joining me on Lead/Rhythm Guitar, starting out as a power trio. The aim was to develop some core material and then try to bring in other musos to expand our sound. We worked cooperatively, but I was basically the leader and wasn't ready to compose in a way that was required for that to really take off so we disbanded.

I got some fairly crude stereo recordings of that band and much later on around 2000 edited together a couple of tracks as part of a project called Now And When. There were other Vehicle combinations along the way and I edited some of the recordings from one of those into a couple of the tracks of that project.


Fast forward to 1986 when I was underway with a Science Degree at Adelaide Uni and after saving some money from my job fronting a market stall, I had purchased a Tascam Porta One four track tape recorder. This enabled a significant burst in my compositional development, now that I could record multiple tracks.

After doing this for quite some time, Jeff Algra and my brother Phil offered to help me record some live versions of pieces I was working on and Jeff's brother Eric chipped in on rhythm guitar. So this incarnation of Vehicle was a four piece and was recorded on my four track with four microphones. Later, around the time of the Now And When project, these tracks became part of a project called If The Glove Fits.

One more time again, as a power trio from late 2009 - early 2010, Jeff, Phil and I got together. We only managed a few sesions from which I gleaned some basic tracks and built them up with various overdubbage leading to a third Vehicle project called Can't Stop It. That incarnation of Vehicle is not likely to happen ever again, for reasons beyond my control.