Turbulator is the working title for my new musical endeavours.

The first stage of my new thing involves honing my craft and has so far been, and will continue to be, a sole pursuit, until I feel my skill levels are ready to involve other musicians on a professional level that I can match. I'm not really a late starter, as I've been playing guitar since age twelve and started composing not long after that, but I've never been this committed to it before. What was a private pursuit for me and shared with family and friends, is now a public pursuit, a career.

I'm working on my first album, and not yet ready to generally divulge its contents. None the less, there are already some clues on YouTube and SoundCloud. Without reference to any particular track or album I might be working on, I'm calling this current stage One Thing At A Time, for obvious reasons. Aside from the possibilities of multi tasking, that's what I have to do at the moment to put productions of my compositions together.

  1. Take It Or Leave It
  2. My YouTube Channel
  3. Turbulator On SoundCloud
Names are tricky

I registered the name Turbulator on bandname.com, inspired by losing my preferred working title, Future Proof, to a UK X Factor boy band from 2014 and a current UK techno outfit. The name Future Proof appealed to me due to the current desire of much of the human race to guarantee a viable future. None the less, Turbulator is about stirring it up amongst those who either aren't yet on board, or worse yet, are on a determined path that will result in serious harm to our future - the currently entrenched status quo.

Latest News

My first published Turbulator track is out there!

>>No More Mr Nice Girl