Welcome to my personal music laboratory. Two of the sub sections here are historical records of my journey in composition so far, the other two are ongoing.


My new band concept. This is what I'm currently working on, now that I've decided to go full time. There is no particular long term focus here - anything goes. In the short term I'm on a very busy and steep learning curve with my new studio and expanded set of performing instruments.


Links to videos on my YouTube channel, which is an historical record of my progress and an ongoing outlet.



From around the age of seventeen, my attempts at creating music involved various garage bands. This evolved into Vehicle, a band concept I cooked up when I was twenty. The focus eventually became a core live band with some overdubbing of mostly live tracks and maybe some midi tracks playing back on synthesisers.

>>Perfect Time

Based on the perfect time provided by MIDI tracks when building up pieces in a DAW. The focus being on building up a performance of several midi tracks playing synthesisers and adding some live recorded instrument and voice tracks.