Perfect Time Selection

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These are built on a foundation of synthesiser tracks programmed by me on computer mostly using music notation. Added to this are audio tracks of me singing or playing acoustic or electric guitar. Note that I've included Turbulator here to show the original version I made when I first wrote it where everything is played by the syngthesiser, in contrast to the YouTube video of me playing it when I finally got my chops around it a few years later. The link is on the YouTube page.

  1. Search Me
  2. Shimmera
  3. Turbulator
  4. Been There
  5. It's Not What You Think
  6. Amouround
  7. Fugalism
  8. Perspective
  9. Reparturnling
  10. Dabbling
  11. Dedication
  12. Squeeze But Don't Sneeze
  13. Stimulus