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I had a power trio together over a year ago. We only managed a few sesions from which I gleaned some basic tracks and built them up with various overdubbage leading to a short album called "Can't Stop It". I'd played with these guys before, a long time ago, and I continue to group these particular projects under the heading "Vehicle".

In the mean time, spasmodically, I mess about in my studio, recording and working with synthesisers. This has led to a whole bunch of stuff. These projects reside under the title "Perfect Time". I've included a kind of "best of" here. These were all built up using a foundation of midi to hardware synth or direct to software synth tracks, hence the name "Perfect Time". Added to this foundation were recorded audio tracks of me singing or playing acoustic or electric guitars. I did some falsetto as well and experimented with pitch modifying some voice tracks.

I've learnt an important lesson from learning to speak French since August last year. How many times have you heard someone for whom English is a second language struggling to be understood in a shop somewhere or wherever. You can't keep your mouth shut and wait for that magic moment when you'll magically be a fluent speaker of a new language. Without jumping in and trying it out and making mistakes and progressing towards fluency over time and realising not everyone will hate you for trying, it will remain a bridge too far. Hence my YouTube videos, I'm testing the water and I hope you don't hate me for it.

By the way, if that's too weird, these are not videos of me speaking French. They are all but one, one take videos with no editing or overdubs of me playing guitar, piano or sax. In one of them I have the audacity to sing as well.

  1. Can't Stop It
  2. Perfect Time
  3. YouTube